The Archaeology of The Dharawal People of NSW

Images of The Royal National Park

By Les Bursill JP. AIM. B.A. M.Litt (UNE) FACBMS

These pages and links are my accumulation of Aboriginal Rock Images. I have been collecting these images for many years and wish to preserve them by posting them onto the internet. Please explore the links panel at left and visit the linked pages also there. I sell a full version of these photos as a CD for $35.00 and will post the CD anywhere world wide.

The boundaries of my research are from Botany Bay to Appin then across country to Wollongong. This area generally reflects the area of my families heritage, though my mothers people did originally come from Marshall Mount and Kangaroo Valley regions of the south Coast.

Many people have assisted me in collecting these images and some are shown in the pages accessed from the left of the page under the link title people. I will mention a few. Lionel Baker, Rod Mason, Ken McCullagh, Jim Wheeler, Frank Purvis and the members of the "Living Sites Survey Team" in the Bicentennial year 1988

The pages below of a news article say clearly what my concerns are. In particular I am concerned about acid rain damaging sites and tourism into the Royal National Park. Both of these forces are having a devastating effect on the Rock Carvings and Painting in Southern Sydney.

Please feel free to use these images and other resources but please acknowledge the pages here and respect the efforts of all of us who contributed.


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 Outline Drawing in Heathcote National Park

Axe Grinding Grooves

Clay Figure

 Waterfall /Garie Axe Grooves


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